2017 Map

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– indicates where we stayed in marinas


– indicates where we anchored


With the purchase of our new-to-us Gozzard G41, our original plans to sail Lake Michigan in 2017 required some significant adjustments with the new boat being located in Rhode Island. As the season progressed, you can from the map that we did not come close to making it to Lake Michigan.

We did start from Rhode Island. From there we sailed down along the coast, around Manhattan, up the Hudson River. We dropped the mast in Catskill NY and traversed the entirety of the Erie Canal east to west landing in Lake Erie. We raised the mast in North Tonawanda NY and once again became a sailboat rather than a power boat.

We made a beeline across Lake Erie, trying to get to Goderich ON to address some ongoing issues we were having with the new boat. From there we headed into the North Channel before returning to Goderich at the end of the season.

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1. Wickford RI Departure Anchorage,Marina
2. Point Judith Anchorage
3. Duck Island Westbrook CT Anchorage
4. Port Washington Anchorage
5. Norrie Point Marina Marina
6. Catskill NY Marina
7. Waterford NY Marina
8. Schenectady Yacht Club Marina
9. Lock E8 Anchorage
10. Canajoharie Anchorage
11. St Johnsville Marina
12. Little Falls NY Marina
13. Sylvan Beach NY Anchorage
14. Brewerton NY Marina
15. Weedsport Anchorage
16. Fairport NY Marina
17. Pittsford NY Anchorage
18. Brockport NY Marina
19. Tonawanda NY Marina
20. North Tonawanda NY Marina
21. Erie Basin - Buffalo NY Marina
22. Dunkirk OH Marina
23. Geneva State Park Marina
24. Mentor Harbor Marina
25. Pelee Island ON Marina
26. Windsor ON Marina
27. Sarnia ON Marina
28. Bayfield ON Marina
29. Goderich ON Marina
30. Harbor Beach MI Marina
31. Harrisville MI Marina
32. Meldrum Bay Anchorage
33. Ray's Bay Anchorage
34. Sturgeon Cove Anchorage
35. Little Current ON Marina
36. Marianne Cove Anchorage
37. McGregor Bay Anchorage
38. East Heywood Anchorage
39. Croker Island Anchorage
40. Eagle Island Anchorage
41. Croker Island Anchorage
42. Little Current Marina
43. Marianne Cove Anchorage
44. The Pool Anchorage
45. Covered Portage Anchorage
46. Killarney Marina
47. Thomas Bay Anchorage
48. Killarney Marina
49. Nobles Island Anchorage
50. The Bustards Anchorage
51. Nadeau Island Anchorage
52. Wingfield Basin Anchorage
53. Tobermory Marina
54. Port Elgin Marina
55. Goderich Marina

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