Our Current Location

During the winter months while we are housesitting, our DeLorme is inactive. Please check back in June when it comes back online or click here to see where we are housesitting.


After June 1, 2019:

Click here to see where we are Рwe are using our DeLorme InReach Explorer for location, communication and god-forbid Рemergencies.

Our DeLorme InReach Explorer - the little device that shows you where we are.

Our DeLorme InReach Explorer


  1. What’s up? We booked a room in Masitique, MI for night of July 28, about a 2-1/2 hour drive from there to DeTour Village. Contact us when you have coverage, otherwise we assume we’ll see you about lunchtime somewhere around DeTour Village on July 29 (or Sault Ste Marie or Drummond Island….) Love, Mark PS – Jeanne is sending a care package to the marina you requested.

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