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Money Money

Money Money

This is flat-out promotion but I was so excited to find out we made over $12 (twelve whole dollars!!!) since becoming an Amazon Affiliate earlier this year. How does this happen? When you click through on any of our Cool Gear items that are linked to Amazon products and actually buy something, we get a small reward. My goal was to earn $1 per month. Hey, goals have to be realistic! – unless you work for corporate America but that’s a whole different story.

To be fair, not everything we have on our Cool Gear page is through Amazon but I’ve included links whenever possible so that you can easily find them.

New items that I’ve recently added are a collapsible beverage bottle (Dan calls it Barney because it’s purple and kinda chubby), our PlatyPreserve wine holders which we use daily, and a Boye rigging knife.

As always, our sailing kitty appreciates the attention and I promise not to spam you more than twice a year!

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  1. I really like the collapsible water bottle.

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