Hurry Up Spring

The weather looked promising, with temperatures targeted at 60 degrees and only a 10% chance of rain. So we packed the car with everything that we had ready to head to Bayfield and set out. Our first task was to remove the winter cover which required much bending, hefting, reaching, etc. that these bodies had not experienced for many months. We foolishly drove into Bayfield for lunch – a fresh whitefish sandwich at the Pier was excellent. While we were enjoying lunch, Mother Nature decided to bring in the first major thunderstorm of the season knocking out the power for several hours.

We got the boxes and gear stowed at our storage unit just before the skies let loose. Back at the boat we scampered aboard and assessed what we could do inside. Batteries were tested and topped off, gear left on the boat was re-arranged (those who are familiar with living on a boat know that it will be re-arranged many more times in the coming weeks and months), and we added numerous tasks to our Spring Launch checklist.

The sun returned around 4pm and rather than call it a day, we opted to start working on the hull. We managed to get the stern and the port side completely done before the temperatures dropped so much that the polish would not dry.

Icy Slip

Before we packed it up for the day, we took a walk down our dock.I think we may be expecting too much too soon as our slip is clearly not ready for us!

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