The Nerd Again – GaviidaeSails 2.0

GaviidaeSails was publicly launched in May of 2015. Can’t say it was ready – it was still very much a

The Nerd at Work

work in progress. But Dan thought it was good to go and shared the site on his LinkedIn account. Not exactly a “planned” launch! Now after working with the site for the last three years, I had done as much as I could in regards to little tweaks and improvements.

This is where the pseudo nerd in me starts to come out. I had no real reason to change the site other than I was tired of looking at it. And the challenge of seeing if I could completely re-do the site without blowing it up completely was, well, a challenge!

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent hours working on GaviidaeSails in a staging environment – a site that I could mess up and experiment without taking down the production version. A safe place.

So picture me, hunched over my laptop, working away in a dark corner of the house and enjoying myself thoroughly as I applied a completely new look and feel to our website.

Some of the changes include:
  • Implementing a completely new WordPress theme
  • Putting more content on the front landing page – including sections for Dan’s recipes, housesitting information, and to our affiliate links.
  • Removing unnecessary links
  • Resizing images and pitching those that were too large

I also cleaned up menus and hopefully made the site a little easier to navigate. Please let me know your thoughts on this or if you find any broken links – I did a lot of content trashing during the process.

As for hiding in a dark corner – that was out of necessity as I’ve been doing a cancer prevention treatment on my face and any kind of daylight increases the pain factor. If I’d been smart, I should have done the treatment before Halloween as I would not have needed a costume!

My face is certainly not ready for public display but it is time to share the new GaviidaeSails. Feedback is always welcome.

December 23 2018     Northfield MN

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