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About Us

My husband (Dan) and I are retired. In 2013 we sold our beautiful condo in downtown Minneapolis and now spend our summers on our beautiful 41′ Gozzard sailboat. Currently we are sailing on the Great Lakes and expect to continue doing so for several more years working our way eastward to salt water.
In our prior professional careers, I was a Director of Technical Support and Dan was a freelance writer. He has a passion for wine and cooking (also a sommelier) and has worked selling wine for many years.
We’ve both grown up with animals. Dan on a ranch with horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, cats, and dogs. I grew up with dogs and horses. I love cats but my mother was allergic. We always had a dog until our last Airedale passed away in 2012. With our sailing life, we have opted to go without a four-legged friend for the time being.
Prior to the condo, we built our own house and had beautiful gardens with roses, peonies, and hostas in the front and a wildflower garden in the back with well-stocked bird feeders. We also had a wonderful herb garden to compliment Dan’s passion for cooking.
We’ve been housesitting during the winter months (October-April) for the past few years and have enjoyed our stays at each location. We have received very positive feedback from all of our housesits and take pride in making sure both the pets and homeowners are happy when we depart.

Why We Housesit

When we decided to live on our sailboat for six-months/year, we knew that maintaining our own place from a distance would not be practical. We love exploring new areas and want to continue to do so during the winter months when we are not on our boat. We also miss having a pet – and housesitting fills that void.

Our Experience

We are very responsible and take pride in treating our house-sitting assignments with the same care that we would if we were in our own home. We’ve raised three crazy, high-energy Airedales during our marriage and trained them to be well-behaved and socialized pets. We have received five-star reviews from everyone of our sits:

  • Oct 2016 – Two weeks+ – Port Dover ON – 10 horses, 3 dogs, 3 barn cats
  • Nov 2016 – Two weeks – Oakland MD – 2 dogs, 2 cats
  • Dec 2016 – Three weeks – London ON – 2 dogs, 2 bunnies
  • Jan 2017 – Nine weeks – Groveland MI – no pets, outdoor bird feeders
  • Apr 2017 – Nine days+ – West New York NJ – 1 dog, 1 cat
  • Apr 2017 – Nine days+ – Roxbury CT – 2 dogs and large fishtank
  • Oct 2017 – Four weeks – Ellicott City MD – 2 cats, indoor fish, outdoor fish
  • Nov 2017 – Four weeks – Toronto ON – 1 dog
  • Dec 2017 – Ten days – Minneapolis MN – 2 cats
  • Jan 2018 – Four weeks – Northfield MN – 4 cats
  • Feb 2018 – Nine weeks+ – Golden Valley MN – 1 cat
  • Apr 2018 – Two weeks+ – Dorset ON – 2 dogs
  • Oct 2019 – One week+ – Collingwood ON – 1 cat


We are currently booked through April 4 2019 but are open to housesits starting in October 2019.


  1. Julie,
    My sister- in-law, Susan Mitchell, sent us your information and we are looking for someone to housesit our cats in March 2019. Sadly I see you are booked, but am hoping you could share the name of some who might be available.
    We live northwest of Baltimore,Maryland.

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