Books and Games

We’ve had games such as Cribbage and cards onboard for years, and never touched them. They were onboard for our guests but neither Dan or I played cards and we have no idea how to play Cribbage! That changed during the summer of 2017 when we ended up playing games a couple of times on other people’s boats.

The book covers numerous systems within a boat and explains in an easy to follow way as to how each system works.

During the summer of 2017 we were introduced to a game called Dix Mille. I couldn’t find the instructions on how to play but I came across Farkle which seemed similar and only required two players. Prior to this, we had never played games on board. We’ve now learned that playing a game or two is a pleasant way to spend an evening at anchor or make the time go faster on a long passage.

Another game introduced to us by fellow sailors but this one requires at least four players. We’re definitely not experts playing this one but our first attempt was quite fun!

In our search for other two-person games, this was recommended by a game store in Marquette. We’ve played it a couple of times but clearly need to play a few more times to master the various levels of play.

Another must-have book onboard – a wealth of information and tips as to what you need in the galley along with recipes and shortcuts.

While we don’t have kids, we know many sailors who do. Behan Gifford ( is one of the authors and her family has travelled the world with their children on board. This book is the bible for family cruising!

Dan has read and re-read this book a number of times as well as using it as a reference when trying to clarify complex electrical systems on our boat.

Another go-to book but a bit more in depth than most.

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