Boat Gear

Boat gear may be very practical or it might just be bling. Regardless, Gaviidae appreciates these items very much!

After our CQR anchor would not set in a couple of grassy bottoms, we decided to replace it with a Mantus Anchor. We waffled as to whether we should get the 45lb (classified as a working anchor for our Gozzard 37) or the 55lb “storm” anchor. We figured bigger was better. And how has it worked? Even better than expected – it has held firm when other boats have gone drifting by and stayed hooked when the wind direction changed multiple times over the course of several days in one anchorage. Love it!
Note: when we purchased the Gozzard 41, we retained the 55lb anchor – still love it!

We noticed that one of our shorepower cables was showing burn marks and some cracks. We replaced it with one that has lights showing when power is active from the post – saves running back and forth to the panel.

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