RV Items

Many items from the boating world carry over to the RV world and vice versa. Here are a few items that are specific to RVs, especially Class B RVs.

Aluminet Shade Cloth Fabric with Grommets and Ball Bungee 6.5 ft x 8 ft

We have dark glass on one side of our RV that covers the area with the bathroom and the refrigeration. It serves no purpose other than decorative. The downside is that it absorbs heat creating excessive heat in the bathroom and putting additional strain on our refrigeration. We saw a suggestion to use a shade cover – this along with the suction cups and stakes helps reduce the excessive heat.

Tent stakes

I purchased these stakes to use with the bungees that came with the shade cover to hold the cover away from the RV and allow airflow below.

SUP Suction Tabs

I bought two sets of these to make sure I had enough to secure the shade cloth to the RV. The best method is to attach them above the black glass but I’m a bit short for that so I usually get them as high up on the glass as possible. A step stool would help but we don’t have one in the RV.

Camp Grill Kit

The grill kit that we used on the boat was a bit bulky for the RV. I found this compact kit that has everything you need in a compact holder.

Clam Quickset with Wind Screens

The four-sided screen tent is just big enough for two chairs and a small table. In our Class B RV it fits across the width of the RV in back on the floor or on the sofa when we are underway. It’s a great way to expand your living space but remain bug free. The wind panels help block sun or wind. Setup and takedown is extremely easy. Buying the panels and the Clam Quickset is not always available – here’s a link for just the screened tent.

CuisiPro Soap Pump

Having soap go flying when the brakes are hit can be a messy cleanup. With the suction cup base, the soap pump stays firmly in place. With this pump, you add water and plain liquid hand soap and the pump creates a foamy soap.

Knife Block

Cabinet doors in RVs tend to be non-standard and small. We found this knife block that fit perfectly inside one of our cabinet doors. Much safer than having them on magnetic strips!

Gecko-Loc Towel Hook Suction Cup Wall Hangers

I purchased these to attach to some mirrors and walls in the RV – they have worked amazingly well. If the surface has any type of texture, the plastic disk can be used with the 3M backing. I had to use this for a Gecko-Loc shelf I attached to the wall in the bathroom.