2017 Map

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With the purchase of our new-to-us Gozzard G41, our original plans to sail Lake Michigan in 2017 required some significant adjustments with the new boat being located in Rhode Island. As the season progressed, you can from the map that we did not come close to making it to Lake Michigan.

We did start from Rhode Island. From there we sailed down along the coast, around Manhattan, up the Hudson River. We dropped the mast in Catskill NY and traversed the entirety of the Erie Canal east to west landing in Lake Erie. We raised the mast in North Tonawanda NY and once again became a sailboat rather than a power boat.

We made a beeline across Lake Erie, trying to get to Goderich ON to address some ongoing issues we were having with the new boat. From there we headed into the North Channel before returning to Goderich at the end of the season.

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1. Wickford RI Departure Departed Wickford RI. June 1
2. Point Judith June 1 Our first night at anchor on Gaviidae
3. Duck Island Westbrook CT Dropped anchor behind the Duck Island breakwall on June 2
4. Port Washington Arrived in Port Washington after a 70nm day that included nice winds, big winds, a squall, and big waves. June 3-8
5. Norrie Point Marina Departed Port Washington at 2AM, hit Hell's Gate at 4AM and arrived 96NM later at Norrie State Park Marina
6. Catskill NY Riverview Marina where we built the mast cradle and dropped the mast for the low bridges ahead. June 9-13
7. Waterford NY Waterford - The start of the Erie Canal June 13-15
8. Schenectady Yacht Club We made it through the first flight of locks without a bow thruster - physically worn out, we stopped at Schenectady. June 15-17
9. Lock E8 Learned that the locks closed at 5pm rather than 6pm. Only place to stop was along the wall at Lock E8. June 17
10. Canajoharie Stopped along the wall at Canajoharie. Strolled into town and went to the Arkell Museum and planted the herb garden. June 18
11. St Johnsville Short run to St. Johnsville after going through locks E14 and E15 June 19
12. Little Falls NY Short run to Little Falls where we met up with Gozzard 44 Midnight. June 20-22
13. Sylvan Beach NY A trip back to the 50's complete with old cars and vintage diners. June 22
14. Brewerton NY Brewerton is the first stop after crossing Lake Oneida. June 23
15. Weedsport Stopped next to a bridge and by Devaney's Riverside Bar and Grill. Dinner was a no-brainer! June 24
16. Fairport NY A need for shore power got us as far as Fairport. June 25
17. Pittsford NY Charming Pittsford - there are worse places to get stuck! June 26-July 2
18. Brockport NY Short day on the Erie. Gave us time to get laundry done before moving on. July 2
19. Tonawanda NY Not the place to be at the start of a long weekend! Powerboats and crazies everywhere! July 3
20. North Tonawanda NY Mast raising at Smith Boys (and head repair!) July 4-9 Great place to watch the fireworks!
21. Erie Basin - Buffalo NY Lake Erie was crashing against the breakwall, time to hunker down. July 9
22. Dunkirk OH Erie at her finest - 24 knot winds on the nose and 4' waves. Life's a bash! July 10
23. Geneva State Park With relative calm we motored 85nm to Geneva State Park. July 11
24. Mentor Harbor Fabulous place to get stuck for a day or two - laundry, swimming pool, bar, restaurant. Perfect! July 12-14
25. Pelee Island ON Changed course to get the wind off our nose. Ended up in Canada. July 14
26. Windsor ON 53NM from Pelee Island to Windsor ON. July 15
27. Sarnia ON Crossing Lake St Clair and dodging big lakers, all in a day's cruise. July 16
28. Bayfield ON Opted for a stop in Bayfield simply because we've only been there in the winter. July 17
29. Goderich ON Home to Gozzard Yachts. July 18-26
30. Harbor Beach MI Straight shot across Lake Huron - arriving in a heavy downpour. July 26
31. Harrisville MI Back to familiar Harrisville. Explored once, explored twice! July 27-29
32. Meldrum Bay Cleared customs and spent a quiet night at anchor after an 87NM day. July 29
33. Ray's Bay Catching up with Magic Carpet and one of our favorite spots in the North Channel. July 30-August 2
34. Sturgeon Cove First time in Sturgeon Cove, followed Magic Carpet through the tight entrance. August 2
35. Little Current ON Picking up friends Mark and Jeanne for a week on the boat. Stayed longer due to heavy weather. August 3-6
36. Marianne Cove One of favorite spots in the North Channel! August 6
37. McGregor Bay Another first - McGregor Bay. Specifically East Sampson Island. August 7-10
38. East Heywood No fish for Mark at Heywood! August 10
39. Croker Island From Heywood to Little Current (dropping off Mark and Jeanne) and on to Croker Island with Magic Carpet. August 11-13
40. Eagle Island Eagle Island included a dinghy trip with Jerry to check out another anchorage on Armour Island. Lots of Blueberries! August 13-15
41. Croker Island And back to another very special place with Magic Carpet - along with the shortcut through the Benjamins. August 15-19
42. Little Current Provisioning and pump out run to Little Current. August 19
43. Marianne Cove Anchored in a different spot, tied to a different tree. Still wonderful. August 20-23
44. The Pool Hiking with Jeff and Debbie to Artist Lake and Topaz. August 23-24
45. Covered Portage One night stop over in Covered Portage on our way to Killarney. August 24
46. Killarney Mooring ball at Killarney Mountain Lodge and catching up with Magic Carpet. August 25
47. Thomas Bay We followed Magic Carpet into Thomas Bay and then they followed us out. August 26-28
48. Killarney Clare's dislocated shoulder brought us back to Killarney. August 28-30
49. Nobles Island Amazing trip along the Collins Inlet - had to make the trip as future years may be too shallow. August 30
50. The Bustards Catching up with Magic Carpet in time for Clare's birthday. August 31
51. Nadeau Island Beautiful anchorage, looks like a good fishing spot. September 1
52. Wingfield Basin A 49NM trek brought us across Georgian Bay to Wingfield Basin. September 2
53. Tobermory Weather and cooling issues brought us into Tobermory. September 3-6
54. Port Elgin Continuing our trek southward as quickly as possible, with weather permitting. September 6-9
55. Goderich Once again, a Gozzard returns home. September 9