2017 Map

Click on any of the markers on the 2017 map to get further information about each location.

– indicates where we stayed in marinas


– indicates where we anchored


With the purchase of our new-to-us Gozzard G41, our original plans to sail Lake Michigan in 2017 required some significant adjustments with the new boat being located in Rhode Island. As the season progressed, you can from the map that we did not come close to making it to Lake Michigan.

We did start from Rhode Island. From there we sailed down along the coast, around Manhattan, up the Hudson River. We dropped the mast in Catskill NY and traversed the entirety of the Erie Canal east to west landing in Lake Erie. We raised the mast in North Tonawanda NY and once again became a sailboat rather than a power boat.

We made a beeline across Lake Erie, trying to get to Goderich ON to address some ongoing issues we were having with the new boat. From there we headed into the North Channel before returning to Goderich at the end of the season.

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