Cool Stuff!

Like many others who have websites, we have gone down the dark path and monetized our site. Most of this started as fun as I learned how to set things up. But then a funny thing happened – we actually started making money! Go figure!

My initial goal was to earn $1/per month but based on earnings I’ve had to revise that upwards and my current goal is one craft-beer six pack per month. Someday I may even shoot for a bottle of wine! We currently have affiliate relationships with Amazon, Mantus Marine, Marmara Imports, Mother Earth Products and Lunatec. With most of these, you get a discount when purchasing through our site and we get a tiny bonus in our cruising kitty.

The items included are things that we’ve found that have been useful for us – and they cover a broad spectrum of areas from the galley to safety and then some! And they are not all boating specific, many items work just as well in a land home or RV.