Crazy Schedule Drives Husband Mad


2017 Float Plan

This may or may not be “Fake News”!  All depends whether Dan survives the upcoming marathon schedule without going CRAZY!

How bad is it? You judge:

  • Between now and the end of the month: strip and re-finish eyebrow trim and dorade boxes from Gaviidae, finishing inventory and packing of our trailer, repair Gaviidae’s winter cover, sew pillow covers, tool rolls, placemats and 20 other things that get added to the sewing list.
    In addition, we need to file paperwork for getting the new boat registered as a documented vessel, continue working on the float plan (Click here to see the plan!), etc.
  • March 31: Take our fully packed trailer to Goderich (keeping our fingers crossed that we get through customs once again without a hassle) to park until the fall.
    Pick up a U-Haul trailer and pack all of our boat gear that is currently filling a storage room at Gozzard Yachts and then return to Holly MI.
  • April 4: Leave our current housesit in Holly MI on Tuesday as soon as the homeowners arrive home and head to Goderich to finish any final packing of the rental trailer.
    Re-install the newly finished eyebrows and dorade boxes on Gaviidae.
  • April 5: Start our trip east with the U-Haul on Wednesday with a stop near Port Dover to see our friends Heather and Eian and their basket full of Whoodle puppies (Mom is Stella the Standard Poodle, Dad is Gibson the Wheaton Terrier). They are the pooches from our housesit last October. Again hoping there are no issues crossing the border, continue on to Syracuse NY.
  • April 6: Drive the rest of the way to Rhode Island and unload the U-Haul into a storage unit.
    Best of all – visit our new boat with a bottle of bubbly and take the winter cover off.
  • April 7: Tear ourselves away from the new boat and drive to West New York NJ for our next housesit with one cat and one dog.
  • April 8-18: Do some NYC sight-seeing and depending upon weather, Dan will make a few trips back to RI getting the boat polished and cleaned.
  • April 19-20: Head back to RI to work on the new boat for a few days and get as much stowed as possible. Other items that have to be done before she launches – do repairs on the heat exchange, polish the entire exterior, put sails on, clean water tanks – you really don’t want the full list!
  • April 21-30: Beeline to our last house and pet sit of the winter season in Roxbury CT. It’s close enough to the boat that Dan will again spend a fair amount of time doing boat work and hopefully get her in the water!
  • May 1: Move aboard!
  • May 4-16: Julie heads for Belize for the Women Who Sail 3rd Rendezvous! Dan stays to play on the new boat and learn about all of her systems.
  • May 20: Leave Rhode Island for the start of our 2017 sailing season which has us doing 1400NM by July 9!

Whew! Are we both crazy and mad? Don’t answer.


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