Cruising – The 2017 Season Wrap-Up (It’s all in the numbers)

2017 Season – Heading to the Statue of Liberty

For those number geeks, here is a summary of our 2017 season.

  • Start: June 1 Warwick, Rhode Island    End: September 9 Goderich, Ontario
  • Total number of nautical miles travelled on Gaviidae: 1734.3 nautical miles (1995.8 miles)
  • Average travel day on Gaviidae: 31.5 nautical miles
  • Maximum travel day (Port Washington, NY to Norrie Point on the Hudson River): 101.6 nautical miles
  • Total engine hours (underway and charging): 316 hours
  • Total days aboard during trip: 101
  • Days underway: 55
  • Overnights between June 1 and September 9: 31% anchored out, 8% mooring ball, 61% docked or tied side-to along shore
  • Total days onboard for the season: 138 (May 12 – September 26)

Comparing the Seasons

I’ve included the numbers from last year as a comparison. I was actually surprised that we didn’t exceed last year with our marina fees. Then I realized a number of our delays occurred along the Erie Canal at places where the tie-ups were free or virtually free ($10 for electric). For any of you considering the Erie Canal, that is a huge plus!

What we spent on diesel was no surprise. Even when we got to Lake Erie the winds were from the west and we still ended up motor sailing the majority of the time.

2016 2017
Season Start June 21 June 1
Season End September 20 September 9
Total Days in Season 92 101
Total Days Onboard 169 (5/1-10/17) 138 (5/12-9/26)
Nautical Miles Travelled 1158.9NM 1734.3NM
Average Travel Day 24.7NM 31.5NM
Max Travel Day 101.6NM 96.1NM
Total Engine Hours 221.2 316
Days Underway 47 55
% Anchored 48.9% 31%
% Mooring Ball 4.3% 8%
% Side Tie-up 15%
% At Dock 46.7% 46%


Costs 2016 – G37 2017 – G41
Diesel/Gas $522.10 $1151.20
Marina Fees $4283.04 $4171.78


If you’re curious about any other numbers – just ask. I probably have them recorded!


  1. I’ve been going to do up something similar for my own curiosity for our trip to the Bahamas and cruising last summer and this summer in the Great Lakes. You’ve inspired me to get on with it!

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