When we left Ray’s Bay we had planned on stopping at Beardrop Harbour but the temptation of a Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in Blind River was just too much. That and the chance of finally finding some Farquhar’s ice cream – a North Channel favorite.

We got settled into the marina and set out to explore Blind River. Our first stop was to find the ice cream – Rolo was the flavor of the day and it was fabulous!

We continued on wandering through the town and came across a food truck advertising Poutine. You would think that being Canadian I would have had prior experience with Poutine – nope. My niece, who confessed to loving it, had referred to Poutine as a “coronary in waiting”. All I knew was that it consisted of French Fries with gravy. So we ordered a small portion with sausage on top ( who knew) but as they were out of curds, we settled for “mozza”.

My first bite – hmmm – the flavors seemed to clash between the beef gravy, the salty fries, and the cheese. Second bite – nope, not any better. I kept trying but my taste buds were definitely not convinced. At least I can say the sausage was good.

And the Farmer’s Market? There was one table with produce – the rest were filled with handmade baby booties and cutesy signs – you get the picture.

July 31     46°10.727N 82°57.918W     577.3 Nautical Miles

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