Sunset on Lake Superior

Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful sunset as we motored north from Sault Ste. Marie towards Batchawana Bay on the eastern shore of Lake Superior.   July 13, 2018...

Crossing the 49th

Sometimes you do things just because you can. There is no logic, no monetary reward – just the satisfaction of saying “we did that”. Crossing the 49th parallel was one...

Thunderbolts & Lightning

Big winds and heavy rain made for a long night in the Portage Canal of the Keweenaw peninsula.

Colorful Locals

The Canadian Shore I have frequently described the North Channel area of Lake Huron as wilderness sailing dotted with a few quirky towns. For the Canadian side of Lake Superior,...

Loon Chorus

Yesterday we set out from Cheboygan, Michigan for Drummond Island—some 30 nautical miles across the western reaches of Lake Huron. After a lovely sail in 15-20 knot winds with a...

Random Posts from the Past

The Bruce Peninsula – Tobermory and Lion’s Head
The Bruce Peninsula – Tobermory and Lion’s Head
After our arrival in Wingfield Basin we looked over local attractions described in harbor reports and other available info. The area is replete with compelling temptations including the nearby Cabot Head Lighthouse, the designation of the area as a bird sanctuary and the wild and remote setting is riddled with hiking trails. What caught our…
Ready, Set – GO!
Ready, Set – GO!
I was in track in high school – of average talent. I did make it to State one year as part of a relay team but mostly I was there to push the star runner to go a bit faster in the 220 yard dash. I would try as hard as I could to beat…
Dan's Galley
Dan loves to cook and the galley or kitchen is his domain. When he has an idea for a particular dish, he will find numerous recipes and then merge them together. Of course he always adds his own twist as well.

Click on the wine bottle to see the complete recipe list.

The Boat Kitty

Our boat kitty is subsidized in a very small part by our affiliate relationships with a number of vendors. When you go through our site to purchase an item, you may get a small discount and/or we may get a dollar or two dropped into our boat kitty by the vendor.

We do not have affiliate relationships for all of the items, some we have included because we have found their products exceptional. The items included are also not exclusive to life on the water - many work equally well in any home.