Quotable Quotes

I’ve been known to capture the funny/weird things that are said on our boat and the other night was no exception (see Dan’s post on the Minnesota Mafia dinner). As our guests were trickling aboard Dan made a very poetic statement that involved raising a glass. Of course no one could remember what he said a few minutes later but we all remembered the gist of it – “Sit your ass, pick up your glass”. Yup – we be sailors.

Another quote was actually captured on the WWS BVI trip but it was used again as we sat in the cockpit of the Minnehaha (Gozzard 44 owned by Frances Lee and Jim Monson) in Gore Bay. The latter was wearing a “Captain Jim” shirt so I proceeded to share the proper response to a unreasonable request: “Captain, I am unable to fulfill your command, what is your next request?” While the men (presumably the Captains) didn’t much care for this, the women gave it high-fives. In an effort of full disclosure, this statement issued in the BVI was directed to our very capable Captain Suky.

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