Oh Canada!

Just when we were beginning to think that we were really a powerboat with laundry, the wind kicked in for our crossing of Lake Huron from Rogers City, MI to Meldrum Bay, ON. Shortly after clearing the harbor, we raised all three sails, set Ted (autohelm) to work keeping us on course and proceeded to enjoy the breeze. The winds were about 15 knots on our beam increasing to 20 knots. The waves were 3-4 feet – absolutely perfect day for Gaviidae.

Sailing to Meldrum
Dan checking the telltales on our Lake Huron crossing

The winds continued to increase as did the waves with Dan setting a new Gaviidae record – 8.4 knots – what a gas! We finally got to see what our baby was designed to do and she handled it like slicing through butter.

July 16 - The track doesn't lie - 8.4 knots!
July 16 – The track doesn’t lie – 8.4 knots!

When the winds were steady at 25 and gusting close to 30, we decided it might be prudent to put away the genoa. We continued with the full main and staysail never dropping below 7 knots right through the Mississagi Straights until we had to turn into Meldrum Bay. At that point the winds were on our nose and kicking up well past 30 knots and the sails were dropped.


A very happy sailor
A very HAPPY sailor!

July 16, 2015     45°55.180N 83°07.309W     470.9 Nautical Miles


Photos at Meldrum by taken by Richard Miller