The Long Way Home

So yesterday I was heading down the dock to the clubhouse and ran into Carl Berdie who had walked over from Bayfield. We chatted and I told him that Dan was on the boat and he should stop by. Well he did and the next thing I knew, Dan was offering to give him a ride home (via boat) with a promise that we could be underway in 30 minutes or less. So the plans to wash the deck went out the window (oh darn!) and off we went (and we were pretty close to the 30 minutes which might be a new record for us considering that we had to remove part of the cockpit enclosure and the bimini). We had a wonderful sail in 10-13 knots of wind and averaging 6+ knots of speed – and as an added bonus we were able sail for extended time periods without touching the helm – always great when the sails/boat are balanced).


Carl Berdie at the helm
Carl Berdie at the helm

With Carl’s guidance Dan brought the boat into the Apostle Island Marina in Bayfield alongside the end pier. So Carl made it home – his 20 minute return walk turned into a two hour sail. And he was gracious enough to show us his boat Running Free (Freedom 40) – oh man, those extra three feet…..

Another glorious day on the water (and so much better than swabbing the decks!)

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  1. Thanks, Julie! Loved reading this and seeing Carl’s smiling face at the helm. He had a great time. So sweet of you to give him a sail home.

    We are up here now and will leave for Thompson Island this week after Carl sees a Washburn dentist. Last night while eating pizza, his eye tooth broke off! He’s a smiley person so that doesn’t help things.

    Smooth sailing, Joyce Berdie

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