Wayward Socks

While Dan and I have been enjoying our housesitting time, there is one part of our household that seems to be having a difficult time accepting the transition to each new place.

I’m talking about socks. Yes, socks.

When was the last time you’ve paid serious attention to your socks – those wonderfully cuddly things that keep your little tootsies toasty in cold weather. When we were firmly rooted in our house or condo, we had more socks wear out than disappear. But now?

Now we seem to be losing socks all over the place. I’m thinking we need socks counseling. To determine why our socks are splitting up with one sock running away. I mean seriously – why would a sock run away?

How bad is it? Well – this is so hard to talk about – the first sock (a quite lovely Smartwool) packed up and vanished in Port Dover, Ontario. I think Ms. Smartwool—which was black– decided that she simply couldn’t leave Moween, the wonderful black barn cat at our house sit there.


The second sock, an ordinary gray, took off in Oakland, Maryland. We searched high and low. We interrogated the cats and the dogs. But we came up empty-footed.

One of Dan’s brand new tan hiking socks apparently took a hike in Maryland as well. Maybe my gray sock and Dan’s tan sock eloped. Wouldn’t that be romantic?

I’ve since had one more sock disappear. At this rate we’ve been losing one sock per housesit. In no time we’ll be wearing mismatched pairs. Or even sockless.

Can’t wait for the sandal season.


  1. After a thorough search I can confirm that none of your escapee socks have decided to stay behind with our Tweed Smartwool socks. This is probably a good thing as we don’t need your wanderlust socks giving our loyal family of Smartwools any ideas!

    1. Rob – it’s gotten so bad (lost another one) that I had to break down and buy more socks. Trying Darn Tough this time around – maybe they will stick around longer!

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