Celebrating the 4th in Grand Marais, MI

Our trek from Marquette to Grand Marais was a repeat of our first day – no wind and foggy. With a 6:30am start we did sixty-plus miles of engine noise and nothing to look at but damp grey swirls of mist. We were all very thankful that Ted (aka autohelm) was able to keep us on track and there was plenty of napping throughout the day by all.

We arrived at 3:00pm and proceeded to explore the little town. Dan bought a cast iron skillet and we sampled the local brew. As Grand Marais is a tiny little town, we were not expecting much for fireworks even though the waterfront and park were packed with people. The town looked more like a big tailgating party for a major sporting event. But the town of Grand Marais surprised us with fireworks going up from multiple locations around the bay and some that managed to drift down on the boats anchored out.

Gaviidae missed the fallout but after the main event, the gang gathered in the park started lighting off their own personal stash of fireworks. In the morning we found considerable residue – orange globs that smeared all over if you stepped on them. Nothing permanent – just another reason to wash the deck.

July 4, 2015     46°40.423N 85°58.984W     224.2 Nautical Miles

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