Maintenance Day

Today was a gorgeous day in Bayfield – a t-shirts-and-shorts kind of day. But for us it was a maintenance day as we get serious about boat prep for the upcoming trip to the mid-July GLCC rendezvous in Rogers City, MI. We set sail the end of next week!

We started by trying to find the reserve gas tank – you would think that after having the boat for two seasons we would know that little detail. Nope – and we still can’t find it. We think it must be below the battery compartment under the dinette bench. Sounds a bit like Col. Mustard in the salon with the wrench.

Anyway, back to the maintenance and what we did get accomplished. We dismantled the Perko sea strainer for the AC/Heat system and completely cleaned it out. It’s almost sparkly. Then we moved on to the engine and Dan changed the impeller – note to self: close the thru-hull before removing impeller cover.

Flowers at the dock

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