Super Fresh Eggs

As an experiment we found a local source for fresh eggs and made a request for a dozen eggs that had never been refrigerated or washed. We’ve been told that we can leave them on the counter and they will last for several weeks. Our first dozen was a mixture of brown, blue, and white eggs – all still with the dirt intact. Dan used the blue ones the next morning for breakfast and kept them as simple as possible. The flavor was amazing – they tasted like they had been cooked in butter. As someone who has never tasted super fresh eggs – wow! – what a difference. The remainder on now stored in our camping egg holders on a shelf in the galley waiting for the next yummy experiment.

Update: Breakfast made by Niels Jensen on July 6th with our yummy eggs!

Bacon and Eggs
Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns – great way to start the day!

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