And the Russian judge gives the performance a “3”

With the fuel/pump-out dock closing at 5pm, Dan and I prepared to depart the dock at 4:45pm to get a pump out. Our ‘system’ for departure clearly still has the winter fog over it as the stern line that Dan was releasing got caught on the cleat as he was backing out. So I ran to the stern got the line released and breathed a sigh of relief – a bit prematurely as I realized the bow line had gone overboard in my haste to rescue the stern line.

For many boats, that would not be much of an issue but with a bow thruster in play – well you get the drift. Fortunately Dan was able to reverse the direction on the bow thruster and it spit the line back out. Whew!

Our arrival/departure at the fuel dock was without issue (maybe would have gotten a 9 from the Russian judge) but our return to our own dock was proceeding along nicely except for Dan having a momentary brain fart and turning into the wrong slip. Whoopsie. Once we approached the correct dock, all was well – no dings, boat bites, or injuries.

Overall – it was a 3.

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