Week One on the Boat

I’ll let Dan share his own experience of Week One – here’s mine.

The days up to the move from the house were a bit chaotic to say the least. We returned from Goderich on Monday afternoon and went into high speed packing mode. Sometime on Wednesday Dan realized that we had to be packed by the end of Thursday, he had it locked into his brain that we had Friday…..

As it turned out, our landlords graciously said there was no problem staying on Thursday evening and that they would not be arriving until later on Friday. Relief was an understatement as we still had so much to do but we were confident that we would be out of the house by noon.

Basic Boat Rules

We should have followed the boat rules – if you think it will take you an hour, triple it and you might be close on the time estimate. Yup, we were still loading the trailer when Lance and Linda arrived home from Mexico.

As we have experienced numerous times throughout this whole downsizing process, our friends have been ‘friends’ and helped us out. This time the kudos go to Bob and Ilona Rouda who invited us stay at their place on Friday evening and were exceptionally tolerant as our arrival time (and dinner) kept getting pushed back.

With our overloaded trailer and SUV, we headed to Bayfield on Saturday morning. With a few stops along the way, we arrived at Pikes Bay Marina mid-afternoon and started the process of unloading the vehicles and loading the boat – fulling expecting the waterline to drop.

We’ve spent the past week trying to figure out where things should be stowed and identifying things that we had on the boat already that we might not need. We also made a run to Park Rapids to offload boxes of books that we had stored in Minneapolis. It’s been a very busy week and now I’ve started identifying locations in our inventory list (iOS apps My Boat and My Pantry).

First Week Full Moon
First Week Full Moon

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