Our Gozzard arrives in Duluth

Crossing the Lift Bridge
Our Gozzard G37 crossing the Lift Bridge in Duluth

Our Gozzard G37 crosses the Lift Bridge in Duluth after traveling from St. Joseph, MI dodging storms along the way. Mother Nature welcomed her with a snowball.CCBTI ArrivesWelcome to MN


  1. Killarney Mountain Lodge in Killarney, of course, lies at the east end of the channel that separates and island from Killarney and the mainland to the north. It is a daysail from Little Current via the Landsdown Channel. From here you go back west or go south into Georgian Bay or L. Huron.
    If you take one of the moorings across from the Lodge, you can access all of the services, laundry, showers, etc., gratis. Very nice place in a remote locale.

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