As a kid with a father in the military (RCAF), we moved a fair amount as did many other families. As someone new moved in, the other families would welcome to the neighborhood knowing that they each had been the ‘newbies’ in the past and would be again in the future. I’d not seen this same welcoming behavior until we got back into the sailing community with the purchase of Gaviidae. I have been amazed at how many of our sailing friends have offered to store our favorite possessions, given us tips on how to do something, and provided morale support as we venture down this new path.

We encountered another example of this unique bond between sailors when we re-connected with Jerry and Clare, a couple that we met sailing in the North Channel ten years ago. I reached out to them as we were going to be near where they lived, just to see if we could meet for coffee or a drink. Instead they opened their home to us and we had a wonderful afternoon/evening catching up on all the events of the past ten years. This camaraderie/bond between sailors is one reason the lifestyle of ‘sailing’ intrigues us so much. Fair winds.

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