Storing Wine on a Boat

We all know that glass on a boat is not a great idea – too many chances for breakage and too many barefeet. With the improvements in box wine over the past year, Dan no longer cringes when I suggest buying a box as they can be consumed over time without fear of them going bad. But in the same sense that glass is a bad idea, cardboard also has it’s downsides – it can harbor cockroach eggs which, once hatched, can cause a mild heart attack if one decides to scamper across your face while sleeping.

The solution is to ditch the cardboard and create your own custom box wine holders as shown below.

Box wine


  1. So good to meet you and Dan at Judy and Larry’s the other night!
    About wine in bottles. We store ours in the bilge wrapped in bubble wrap. We can get a case and a half stuffed away easily on our small vessel. Never have had breakage in 30 years of sailing.
    And we have real glass wine glasses on board also. They hang upside down under our midship dining table suspended in the between slots of upside down teak grating. A rubber band stretched across the slot keeps them from spalling off on the floor. We have broken one or two over the years, but from faulty handling; none while in their under-table storage area.
    I read the comment about what to do with warm clothes. I suggest you put them to use for a cruise in Newfoundland on your way to where the “butter melts”. Then mail them back as per the other suggestion.

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