Déjà vu and Friends and Déjà vu Again

After spending four nights at the marina in Spanish, Ontario we were more than ready to bail out. Once you’ve restocked the beer and picked up a few groceries – there isn’t much to see or do in Spanish. It does have good showers and a place to do laundry – okay so that took one day. The rest of the time (not spent troubleshooting charging issues) was spent fighting with extremely temperamental internet access – the kind where you get disconnected constantly.

One bright note was that our friends (Bob and Ilona) from Minnesota had heard through the sailing grapevine (someone heard a boat from Duluth was having issues and they shared that with five friends, etc.) With rumors of a distressed Gaviidae in the hood, Maija Lisa and crew sailed into Spanish to give us moral support and much needed mental diversion with adult beverages.

It was in 2005 when our Blue Loon joined the Rouda’s on the annual Trailer Sailor trek to the North Channel which started in Spanish that year. Déjà vu.

After enjoying dinner (made by Ilona) on Gaviidae, we had dessert on Maija Lisa and listened to the 9pm Trailer Sailor broadcast on the VHF. Just like old times – aren’t friends great?! And they left me with fresh ground coffee! Aren’t friends great??!!

To test the charging system in a safe and nearby spot, we headed back to Hotham Island. Thus far, this is one of my favorite spots. Beautiful protected anchorage, nice people (enough but not too many), and water warm enough to swim in!

Ray's Bay - Norm and Elaine's Cottage
Ray’s Bay – Norm and Elaine’s Cottage

Courtesy of Elaine, who lives in Ray’s Bay, I got to go kayaking for the first time. Definitely something that we will be adding to Gaviidae – just have to decide whether folding bikes or kayaks come first…..

Julie in a kayak (with salad)
Julie in a kayak (with salad)
July 28 Sunset in Ray's Bay
July 28 Sunset in Ray’s Bay








July 28 – July 30     46°07.976N   82°14.567W     544.3 Nautical Miles