Marquette, MI – Thursday, July 2

Our posts of recent have been completely out of order, much of it to do with long days as we tried to make up time spent at Houghton/Hancock. From the marina, we traveled 58.9NM to Marquette, including the remainder of the Keweenaw waterway, across Keweenaw Bay, around Point Abbaye and past the Huron Islands with their remarkable lighthouse.

Barn along the Keweenaw
Barn along the Keweenaw

Once on open water, we had the sails up for a couple of hours until the wind died and we had to ask the iron-genny to assist for the remainder of the trek to Marquette. Much prefer the quiet of the wind and waves.

The park next to the Marquette city marina (and seawall that we were tied to) was having an International Food Fair with music throughout the day and evening. Can’t say the food was extraordinary but the music was good as was the people watching. We stayed an extra night at Marquette due to weather and enjoyed walking through the town, which is quite charming.

Exploring Marquette, MI Photo by Niels Jensen
Exploring Marquette, MI
Photo by Niels Jensen

July 2, 2015     46°32.576N 87°23.266W     163.3 Nautical Miles

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