CQR Anchor Solution

After running into a problem setting our CQR anchor in the grassy bottom at Indian Cove along Lake Superior’s east shore we ran into the same problem in Woodbine Harbour on Simpson Island out of Rossport. Since we didn’t have s/v SteelenTime to cozy up to this time, and I didn’t feel like dropping the big Fortress anchor on the bow, we struck upon a surefire solution.

Julie had found a collapsible lawnmower on Amazon.com. She can’t resist buying anything collapsible for the boat. It stows nicely in one of our bottomless lazarettes. That lazarette is like a Black Hole. Now a hole in a boat—black or otherwise—is not usually a good thing, but after consulting Stephen Hawking, we find this one to be fairly useful, in a warped time-continuum sort of way.  We have to tie a line to anything we put into it in order to retrieve it. It’s large enough that Julie went in there one Sunday, didn’t get back until Tuesday. I suspect Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa may both be down there.

But I digress.

We already had a pair of hedge clippers for trimming the sails, so we went to work on the grassy bottom in Woodbine and cleared just enough real estate to set the anchor.

CQR anchoring solution

Now if we can just find that box of tacks that went down that lazarette last spring. We might be able to change our heading under sail.

August 29, 2015    48°4506.259’N   87°43.133’W

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